dsp = validate_data

Validates input data.

validate_data’s data
base Base data.
declaration_mode Use only the declaration data.
dice DICE data.
enable_selector Enable the selection of the best model to predict both H/L cycles.
flag Flags data.
hard_validation Add extra data validations.
input_type Type of file input.
meta Meta data.
plan Plan data.
type_approval_mode Is launched for TA?
validated_base Validated base data.
validated_dice Validated DICE data.
validated_flag Validated flags data.
validated_meta Validated meta data.
validated_plan Validated plan data.
verified Validation status.
validate_data’s functions
get_input_type Return the input type.
validate_base Validate base data.
validate_dice Validate DICE data.
validate_flag Validate flags data.
validate_meta Validate meta data.
validate_plan Validate plan data.
validation_status Returns the validation status.