dsp = Torque_converter

Models the torque converter.

Torque_converter’s data
clutch_phases When the clutch is active [-].
clutch_tc_speeds_delta Engine speed delta due to the clutch or torque converter [RPM].
clutch_window Clutching time window [s].
engine_max_speed Maximum allowed engine speed [RPM].
engine_speeds_out_hot Engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
full_load_curve Vehicle full load curve.
gear_box_speeds_in Gear box speed vector [RPM].
gear_box_torques_in Torque required vector [N*m].
idle_engine_speed Idle engine speed and its standard deviation [RPM].
k_factor_curve k factor curve.
lockup_speed_ratio Minimum speed ratio where torque ratio==1.
m1000_curve_factor Rescaling factor of m1000 curve [N*m/1e6].
m1000_curve_norm_torques Normalized torques of m1000 curve [-].
m1000_curve_ratios Speed ratios of m1000 curve [-].
normalized_VDI253_model Normalized VDI253 model function.
sink Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
stand_still_torque_ratio Torque ratio when speed ratio==0.
start Starting node that identifies initial inputs of the workflow.
torque_converter_speed_model Torque converter speed model.
Torque_converter’s functions
calibrate_m1000_curve_factor Calibrate the rescaling factor of m1000 curve [N*m/1e6].
default_clutch_window Returns a default clutching time window [s] for a generic clutch.
default_m1000_curve_factor Returns the default value of the rescaling factor of m1000 curve [N*m].
default_tc_k_factor_curve Returns a default k factor curve for a generic torque converter.
default_tc_normalized_m1000_curve Returns default m1000_curve_ratios and m1000_curve_norm_torques.
define_k_factor_curve Defines k factor curve.
define_normalized_VDI253_model Defines normalized VDI253 model function.
define_tc_speed_model Define torque converter speed model.