calculate_speed_distance_corrected_co2_emission_value(phases_co2_emissions, phases_times, batteries_phases_delta_energy, theoretical_phases_distances, phases_distances, alternator_efficiency, engine_type, fuel_type, motive_powers, theoretical_motive_powers, times, phases_indices, engine_max_power, speed_distance_correction=True, is_hybrid=False, cycle_type='WLTP')[source]

Calculates the CO2 emission value corrected for speed & distance [CO2g/km].

  • is_hybrid (bool) – Is the vehicle hybrid?
  • cycle_type (str) – Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
  • phases_co2_emissions (numpy.array) – CO2 emission of cycle phases [CO2g/km].
  • phases_times (numpy.array) – Cycle phases times [s].
  • batteries_phases_delta_energy (numpy.array) – Phases delta energy of the batteries [Wh].
  • theoretical_phases_distances (numpy.array) – Theoretical cycle phases distances [km].
  • phases_distances (numpy.array) – Cycle phases distances [km].
  • alternator_efficiency (float) – Alternator efficiency [-].
  • engine_type (str) – Engine type (positive turbo, positive natural aspiration, compression).
  • fuel_type (str) – Fuel type (diesel, gasoline, LPG, NG, ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, propane).
  • motive_powers (numpy.array) – Motive power [kW].
  • theoretical_motive_powers (numpy.array) – Theoretical motive power [kW].
  • times (numpy.array) – Time vector.
  • phases_indices (numpy.array) – Indices of the cycle phases [-].
  • engine_max_power (float) – Engine nominal power [kW].
  • speed_distance_correction (bool) – Apply speed distance correction?

CO2 emission value corrected for speed & distance [CO2g/km].

Return type: