dsp = CO2MPAS physical model

Wraps all functions needed to calibrate and predict light-vehicles’ CO2 emissions.

CO2MPAS physical model’s data
CMV A gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs).
CMV_Cold_Hot A gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs).
CVT Continuously variable transmission model.
DTGS A decision tree to predict gears.
GSPV A gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs).
GSPV_Cold_Hot A gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs).
MVL Matrix velocity limits (upper and lower bound) [km/h].
accelerations Acceleration vector [m/s2].
active_cylinder_ratios Possible active cylinder ratios [-].
aerodynamic_drag_coefficient Aerodynamic drag coefficient [-].
after_treatment_cooling_duration After treatment cooling duration [s].
after_treatment_power_model After treatment speed model.
after_treatment_speed_model After treatment speed model.
after_treatment_speeds_delta Engine speed delta due to the after treatment warm up [RPM].
after_treatment_temperature_threshold Engine coolant temperature threshold when the after treatment system is warm [°C].
after_treatment_warm_up_duration After treatment warm up duration [s].
after_treatment_warm_up_phases Phases when engine speed is affected by the after treatment warm up [-].
air_density Air density [kg/m3].
alternator_charging_currents Mean charging currents of the alternator (for negative and positive power)[A].
alternator_current_model Alternator current model.
alternator_currents Alternator currents [A].
alternator_efficiency Alternator efficiency [-].
alternator_electric_powers Alternator electric power [kW].
alternator_nominal_voltage Alternator nominal voltage [V].
alternator_powers Alternator power [kW].
angle_slope Angle slope [rad].
angle_slopes Angle slope vector [rad].
atct_family_correction_factor Family correction factor for representative regional temperatures [-].
auxiliaries_power_loss Constant power loss due to engine auxiliaries [kW].
auxiliaries_power_losses Engine power losses due to engine auxiliaries [kW].
auxiliaries_torque_loss Constant torque loss due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
auxiliaries_torque_loss_factors Constant torque loss factors due to engine auxiliaries [N/m2, N*m].
auxiliaries_torque_losses Engine torque losses due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
bag_phases Bag phases [-].
belt_efficiency Belt efficiency [-].
belt_mean_efficiency Belt mean efficiency [-].
cargo_mass Cargo mass [kg].
change_gear_window_width Time window used to apply gear change filters [s].
clutch_phases When the clutch is active [-].
clutch_speed_model Clutch speed model.
clutch_tc_mean_efficiency Clutch or torque converter mean efficiency [-].
clutch_tc_powers Clutch or torque converter power [kW].
clutch_tc_powers_out Clutch or torque converter power out [kW].
clutch_tc_speeds_delta Engine speed delta due to the clutch or torque converter [RPM].
clutch_window Clutching time window [s].
co2_emission_EUDC CO2 emission on EUDC NEDC phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_UDC CO2 emission on UDC NEDC phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_extra_high CO2 emission on extra high WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_high CO2 emission on high WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_low CO2 emission on low WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_medium CO2 emission on medium WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_value CO2 emission value corrected for RCB [CO2g/km].
co2_emissions CO2 instantaneous emissions vector [CO2g/s].
co2_emissions_model CO2 emissions model (co2_emissions = models(params)).
co2_normalization_references CO2 normalization references (e.g., engine loads) [-].
co2_params CO2 emission model parameters (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg).
co2_params_calibrated CO2 emission model parameters (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg).
co2_params_initial_guess Initial guess of co2 emission model params.
correct_f0 A different preconditioning cycle was used for WLTP and NEDC?
correct_start_stop_with_gears A flag to impose engine on when there is a gear > 0.
corrected_co2_emission_value Corrected CO2 emission value of the cycle [CO2g/km].
corrected_sustaining_co2_emission_value Corrected CO2 emission value of the cycle [CO2g/km].
curb_mass Curb mass [kg].
cycle_type Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
dcdc_charging_currents Mean charging currents of the DC/DC converter (for negative and positive power)[A].
dcdc_converter_currents DC/DC converter currents [A].
dcdc_converter_efficiency DC/DC converter efficiency [-].
dcdc_converter_electric_powers DC/DC converter electric power [kW].
dcdc_converter_electric_powers_demand DC/DC converter electric power demand [kW].
dcdc_current_model DC/DC converter current model.
delta_time_engine_starter Time elapsed to turn on the engine with electric starter [s].
distances Cumulative distance vector [m].
downscale_factor Velocity downscale factor [-].
downscale_factor_threshold Velocity downscale factor threshold [-].
downscale_phases Downscale phases [s].
drive_battery_capacity Drive battery capacity [Ah].
drive_battery_currents Drive battery current vector [A].
drive_battery_delta_state_of_charge Overall delta state of charge of the drive battery [%].
drive_battery_electric_powers Drive battery electric power [kW].
drive_battery_load Drive electric load [kW].
drive_battery_loads Drive battery load vector [kW].
drive_battery_model Drive battery current model.
drive_battery_n_cells Number of battery cells [-].
drive_battery_n_parallel_cells Number of battery cells in parallel [-].
drive_battery_n_series_cells Number of battery cells in series [-].
drive_battery_nominal_voltage Drive battery nominal voltage [V].
drive_battery_ocv Drive battery open circuit voltage [V].
drive_battery_r0 Drive battery resistance [ohm].
drive_battery_state_of_charges State of charge of the drive battery [%].
drive_battery_technology Drive battery technology type (e.g., NiMH, Li-NCA (Li-Ni-Co-Al), etc.).
drive_battery_voltages Drive battery voltage [V].
ecms_s Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy params.
electrical_hybridization_degree Electrical hybridization degree (i.e., mild, full, plugin, electric).
elevations Elevation vector [m].
enable_phases_willans Enable the calculation of Willans coefficients for all phases?
enable_willans Enable the calculation of Willans coefficients for the cycle?
engine_capacity Engine capacity [cm3].
engine_coolant_temperatures Engine coolant temperature vector [°C].
engine_fuel_lower_heating_value Fuel lower heating value [kJ/kg].
engine_has_cylinder_deactivation Does the engine have cylinder deactivation technology?
engine_has_variable_valve_actuation Does the engine feature variable valve actuation? [-].
engine_heat_capacity Engine heat capacity [kg*J/K].
engine_idle_fuel_consumption Fuel consumption at hot idle engine speed [g/s].
engine_inertia_powers_losses Engine power losses due to inertia [kW].
engine_is_turbo If the engine is equipped with any kind of charging.
engine_mass Engine mass [kg].
engine_max_power Engine nominal power [kW].
engine_max_speed Maximum allowed engine speed [RPM].
engine_max_torque Engine nominal torque [N*m].
engine_moment_inertia Engine moment of inertia [kg*m2].
engine_n_cylinders Number of engine cylinders [-].
engine_powers_out Engine power vector [kW].
engine_speed_at_max_power Rated engine speed [RPM].
engine_speed_at_max_velocity Engine speed at maximum velocity [RPM].
engine_speeds_base Engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
engine_speeds_out Engine speed [RPM].
engine_speeds_out_hot Engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
engine_starts When the engine starts [-].
engine_stroke Engine stroke [mm].
engine_temperature_derivatives Derivative of the engine temperature [°C/s].
engine_temperature_regression_model Engine temperature regression engine_temperature_regression_model.
engine_thermostat_temperature Engine thermostat temperature [°C].
engine_thermostat_temperature_window Thermostat engine temperature limits [°C].
engine_type Engine type (positive turbo, positive natural aspiration, compression).
equivalent_gear_box_heat_capacity Equivalent gear box heat capacity [kg*J/K].
extended_phases_co2_emissions Extended CO2 emission of cycle phases [CO2g/km].
extended_phases_integration_times Extended cycle phases integration times [s].
f0 Rolling resistance force [N] when angle_slope == 0.
f0_uncorrected Uncorrected rolling resistance force [N] when angle_slope == 0.
f1 Defined by dyno procedure [N/(km/h)].
f2 As used in the dyno and defined by respective guidelines [N/(km/h)^2].
final_drive_efficiency Final drive efficiency [-].
final_drive_mean_efficiency Final drive mean efficiency [-].
final_drive_powers_in Final drive power in [kW].
final_drive_powers_out Final drive power out [kW].
final_drive_ratio Final drive ratio [-].
final_drive_ratios Final drive ratios [-].
final_drive_speeds_in Final drive speed in [RPM].
final_drive_torques_in Final drive torque in [N*m].
first_gear_box_ratio Gear box ratio of the first gear [-].
fmep_model Engine FMEP model.
force_on_engine Phases when engine is on because parallel mode is forced [-].
frontal_area Frontal area of the vehicle [m2].
fuel_carbon_content Fuel carbon content [CO2g/g].
fuel_carbon_content_percentage Fuel carbon content [%].
fuel_consumptions The instantaneous fuel consumption vector [g/s].
fuel_density Fuel density [g/l].
fuel_heating_value Fuel heating value [kWh/l].
fuel_map Fuel consumption map [RPM, kW, g/s].
fuel_mass Fuel mass [kg].
fuel_saving_at_strategy Apply the eco-mode gear shifting?
fuel_type Fuel type (diesel, gasoline, LPG, NG, ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, propane).
full_load_curve Vehicle full load curve.
full_load_powers T1 map power vector [kW].
full_load_speeds T1 map speed vector [RPM].
full_load_torques T1 map torque vector [N*m].
gear_box_efficiencies Gear box efficiency vector [-].
gear_box_efficiency_constants Vehicle gear box efficiency constants.
gear_box_efficiency_parameters_cold_hot Parameters of gear box efficiency model for cold/hot phases:
gear_box_mean_efficiency Gear box mean efficiency [-].
gear_box_mean_efficiency_guess Gear box mean efficiency guess [-].
gear_box_powers_in Gear box power vector [kW].
gear_box_powers_out Gear box power vector [kW].
gear_box_ratios Gear box ratios [-].
gear_box_speeds_in Gear box speed [RPM].
gear_box_temperature_references Cold and hot reference temperatures [°C].
gear_box_temperatures Temperature vector [°C].
gear_box_torque_losses Gear box torques losses [N*m].
gear_box_torques_in Torque required vector [N*m].
gear_box_type Gear box type (manual or automatic or cvt).
gear_shifts When there is a gear shifting [-].
gears Gear vector [-].
gross_engine_powers_out Gross engine power (pre-losses) [kW].
has_energy_recuperation Is the vehicle equipped with any brake energy recuperation technology?
has_exhausted_gas_recirculation Does the engine have exhaust gas recirculation technology?
has_gear_box_thermal_management Does the gear box have some additional technology to heat up faster?
has_lean_burn Does the engine have lean burn technology?
has_motor_p0 Has the vehicle a motor in P0?
has_motor_p1 Has the vehicle a motor in P1?
has_motor_p2 Has the vehicle a motor in P2?
has_motor_p2_planetary Has the vehicle a motor in planetary P2?
has_motor_p3_front Has the vehicle a motor in P3 front?
has_motor_p3_rear Has the vehicle a motor in P3 rear?
has_motor_p4_front Has the vehicle a motor in P4 front?
has_motor_p4_rear Has the vehicle a motor in P4 rear?
has_periodically_regenerating_systems Does the vehicle has periodically regenerating systems? [-].
has_roof_box Has the vehicle a roof box? [-].
has_selective_catalytic_reduction Does the engine have selective catalytic reduction technology?
has_start_stop Does the vehicle have start/stop system?
has_sufficient_power The cycle’s percentage in which the vehicle has sufficient power [%].
has_torque_converter Does the vehicle use torque converter? [-]
hybrid_modes Hybrid mode status (0: EV, 1: Parallel, 2: Serial).
identified_co2_emissions CO2 instantaneous emissions vector [CO2g/s].
idle_engine_speed Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
idle_engine_speed_median Idle engine speed [RPM].
idle_engine_speed_std Standard deviation of idle engine speed [RPM].
ignition_type Engine ignition type (positive or compression).
inertial_factor Factor that considers the rotational inertia [%].
initial_drive_battery_state_of_charge Initial state of charge of the drive battery [%].
initial_engine_temperature Initial engine temperature [°C].
initial_friction_params Engine initial friction params l & l2 [-].
initial_gear_box_temperature Initial gear box temperature [°C].
initial_service_battery_state_of_charge Initial state of charge of the service battery [%].
initial_temperature Initial engine temperature [°C].
initial_velocity Initial velocity [km/h].
is_cycle_hot Is an hot cycle?
is_hybrid Is the vehicle hybrid?
is_plugin First arg.
is_serial Is the vehicle serial hybrid?
k1 K1 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
k2 K2 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
k5 K5 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
kco2_nedc_correction_factor kco2 NEDC correction factor [CO2g/km/Ah].
kco2_wltp_correction_factor kco2 WLTP correction factor [CO2g/Wh].
ki_additive Additive correction for vehicles with periodically regenerating systems [CO2g/km].
ki_multiplicative Multiplicative correction for vehicles with periodically regenerating systems [-].
last_gear_box_ratio Gear box ratio of the last gear [-].
lockup_speed_ratio Minimum speed ratio where torque ratio==1.
m1000_curve_factor Rescaling factor of m1000 curve [N*m/1e6].
m1000_curve_norm_torques Normalized torques of m1000 curve [-].
m1000_curve_ratios Speed ratios of m1000 curve [-].
max_engine_coolant_temperature Maximum engine coolant temperature [°C].
max_gear Maximum gear of the gear box [-].
max_speed_velocity_ratio Maximum speed velocity ratio of the gear box [h*RPM/km].
max_time Maximum time [s].
max_velocity Max vehicle velocity [km/h].
max_velocity_full_load_correction Maximum velocity to apply the correction due to the full load curve.
maximum_vehicle_laden_mass Technically permissible maximum laden mass [kg].
maximum_velocity Maximum velocity [km/h].
mean_piston_speeds Mean piston speed vector [m/s].
min_engine_on_speed Minimum engine speed to consider the engine to be on [RPM].
min_time_engine_on_after_start Minimum time of engine on after a start [s].
missing_powers Missing engine power [kW].
motive_powers Motive power [kW].
motor_p0_efficiency Motor P0 efficiency [-].
motor_p0_electric_powers Electric power of motor P0 [kW].
motor_p0_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P0 [kW].
motor_p0_maximum_power_function Maximum power function of motor P0.
motor_p0_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P0 [kW].
motor_p0_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P0 [N*m].
motor_p0_powers Power at motor P0 [kW].
motor_p0_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P0 [RPM].
motor_p0_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P0 speed and engine speed [-].
motor_p0_speeds Rotating speed of motor P0 [RPM].
motor_p0_torques Torque at motor P0 [N*m].
motor_p1_efficiency Motor P1 efficiency [-].
motor_p1_electric_powers Electric power of motor P1 [kW].
motor_p1_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P1 [kW].
motor_p1_maximum_power_function Maximum power function of motor P1.
motor_p1_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P1 [kW].
motor_p1_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P1 [N*m].
motor_p1_powers Power at motor P1 [kW].
motor_p1_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P1 [RPM].
motor_p1_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P1 speed and engine speed [-].
motor_p1_speeds Rotating speed of motor P1 [RPM].
motor_p1_torques Torque at motor P1 [N*m].
motor_p2_efficiency Motor P2 efficiency [-].
motor_p2_electric_powers Electric power of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P2 [N*m].
motor_p2_planetary_efficiency Motor P2 efficiency [-].
motor_p2_planetary_electric_powers Electric power of planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_maximum_power Maximum power of planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_maximum_power_function Maximum power function of planetary motor P2.
motor_p2_planetary_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_maximum_torque Maximum torque of planetary motor P2 [N*m].
motor_p2_planetary_powers Power at planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_rated_speed Rated speed of planetary motor P2 [RPM].
motor_p2_planetary_speed_ratio Ratio between planetary motor P2 speed and planetary speed [-].
motor_p2_planetary_speeds Rotating speed of planetary motor P2 [RPM].
motor_p2_planetary_torques Torque at planetary motor P2 [N*m].
motor_p2_powers Power at motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P2 [RPM].
motor_p2_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P2 speed and gear box speed [-].
motor_p2_speeds Rotating speed of motor P2 [RPM].
motor_p2_torques Torque at motor P2 [N*m].
motor_p3_front_efficiency Motor P3 efficiency [-].
motor_p3_front_electric_powers Electric power of motor P3 front [kW].
motor_p3_front_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P3 [kW].
motor_p3_front_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P3 front [kW].
motor_p3_front_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P3 [N*m].
motor_p3_front_powers Power at motor P3 front [kW].
motor_p3_front_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P3 [RPM].
motor_p3_front_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P3 speed and final drive speed in [-].
motor_p3_front_speeds Rotating speed of motor P3 [RPM].
motor_p3_front_torques Torque at motor P3 [N*m].
motor_p3_rear_efficiency Motor P3 efficiency [-].
motor_p3_rear_electric_powers Electric power of motor P3 rear [kW].
motor_p3_rear_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P3 [kW].
motor_p3_rear_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P3 rear [kW].
motor_p3_rear_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P3 [N*m].
motor_p3_rear_powers Power at motor P3 rear [kW].
motor_p3_rear_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P3 [RPM].
motor_p3_rear_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P3 speed and final drive speed in [-].
motor_p3_rear_speeds Rotating speed of motor P3 [RPM].
motor_p3_rear_torques Torque at motor P3 [N*m].
motor_p4_front_efficiency Motor P4 efficiency [-].
motor_p4_front_electric_powers Electric power of motor P4 front [kW].
motor_p4_front_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P4 [kW].
motor_p4_front_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P4 front [kW].
motor_p4_front_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P4 [N*m].
motor_p4_front_powers Power at motor P4 front [kW].
motor_p4_front_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P4 [RPM].
motor_p4_front_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P4 speed and wheel speed [-].
motor_p4_front_speeds Rotating speed of motor P4 [RPM].
motor_p4_front_torques Torque at motor P4 [N*m].
motor_p4_rear_efficiency Motor P4 efficiency [-].
motor_p4_rear_electric_powers Electric power of motor P4 rear [kW].
motor_p4_rear_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P4 [kW].
motor_p4_rear_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P4 rear [kW].
motor_p4_rear_maximum_torque Maximum torque of motor P4 [N*m].
motor_p4_rear_powers Power at motor P4 rear [kW].
motor_p4_rear_rated_speed Rated speed of motor P4 [RPM].
motor_p4_rear_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P4 speed and wheel speed [-].
motor_p4_rear_speeds Rotating speed of motor P4 [RPM].
motor_p4_rear_torques Torque at motor P4 [N*m].
motors_electric_powers Cumulative motors electric power [kW].
n_dyno_axes Number of dyno axes [-].
n_gears Number of gears [-].
n_passengers Number of passengers including driver [-].
n_wheel Total number of wheels [-].
n_wheel_drive Number of wheel drive [-].
obd_fuel_type_code OBD fuel type of the vehicle [-].
obd_velocities OBD velocity vector [km/h].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
on_idle If the engine is on idle [-].
optimal_efficiency Optimal efficiency and the respective parameters:
passenger_mass Average passenger mass [kg].
path_distances Cumulative distance vector [m].
path_elevations Elevation vector [m].
phases_co2_emissions CO2 emission of cycle phases [CO2g/km].
phases_distances Cycle phases distances [km].
phases_fuel_consumptions Fuel consumption of cycle phases [l/100km].
phases_indices Indices of the cycle phases [-].
phases_integration_times Cycle phases integration times [s].
phases_willans_factors Willans factors:
planetary_mean_efficiency Planetary mean efficiency [-].
planetary_ratio Fundamental planetary speed ratio [-].
plateau_acceleration Maximum acceleration to be at constant velocity [m/s2].
r_dynamic Dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
r_wheels Radius of the wheels [m].
rcb_correction Apply RCB correction?
road_loads Cycle road loads [N, N/(km/h), N/(km/h)^2].
road_state Road state (i.e., dry, wet, rainfall, puddles, ice).
rolling_resistance_coeff Rolling resistance coefficient [-].
service_battery_capacity Service battery capacity [Ah].
service_battery_charging_statuses Service battery charging statuses (0: Discharge, 1: Charging, 2: BERS, 3: Initialization) [-].
service_battery_currents Service battery current vector [A].
service_battery_delta_state_of_charge Overall delta state of charge of the service battery [%].
service_battery_electric_powers Service battery electric power [kW].
service_battery_electric_powers_supply_threshold Service battery not charging power threshold [kW].
service_battery_initialization_time Service battery initialization time delta [s].
service_battery_load Service electric load (engine off and on) [kW].
service_battery_loads Service battery load vector [kW].
service_battery_nominal_voltage Service battery nominal voltage [V].
service_battery_start_window_width Service battery start window width [s].
service_battery_state_of_charge_balance Service battery state of charge balance [%].
service_battery_state_of_charge_balance_window Service battery state of charge balance [%].
service_battery_state_of_charges State of charge of the service battery [%].
service_battery_status_model A function that predicts the service battery charging status.
specific_gear_shifting Specific gear shifting model.
speed_distance_correction Apply speed distance correction?
speed_velocity_ratios Speed velocity ratios of the gear box [h*RPM/km].
stand_still_torque_ratio Torque ratio when speed ratio==0.
start_stop_activation_time Start-stop activation time threshold [s].
start_stop_hybrid_params Params of start stop model for hybrid electric vehicles.
start_stop_model Start/stop model.
starter_currents Starter currents [A].
starter_efficiency Starter efficiency [-].
starter_electric_powers Starter electric power [kW].
starter_model Starter model.
starter_nominal_voltage Starter nominal voltage [V].
starter_powers Starter power [kW].
static_friction Static friction coefficient [-].
stop_velocity Maximum velocity to consider the vehicle stopped [km/h].
theoretical_motive_powers Theoretical motive power [kW].
theoretical_velocities Theoretical velocity vector [km/h].
time_cold_hot_transition Time at cold hot transition phase [s].
time_sample_frequency Time frequency [1/s].
times Time vector [s].
torque_converter_speed_model Torque converter speed model.
tyre_category Tyre category (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, F, and G).
tyre_class Tyre class (i.e., C1, C2, and C3).
tyre_code Tyre code (e.g.,P225/70R14).
tyre_dimensions Tyre dimensions.
tyre_dynamic_rolling_coefficient Dynamic rolling coefficient [-].
tyre_state Tyre state (i.e., new or worm).
unladen_mass Unladen mass [kg].
use_dt_gear_shifting If to use decision tree classifiers to predict gears.
vehicle_body Vehicle body (i.e., cabriolet, sedan, hatchback, stationwagon, suv/crossover, mpv, coupé, bus, bestelwagen, pick-up).
vehicle_category Vehicle category (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, F, S, M, and J).
vehicle_height Vehicle height [m].
vehicle_mass Vehicle mass [kg].
vehicle_width Vehicle width [m].
velocities Velocity vector [km/h].
velocity_speed_ratios Constant velocity speed ratios of the gear box [km/(h*RPM)].
wheel_drive_load_fraction Repartition of the load on wheel drive axles [-].
wheel_powers Power at the wheels [kW].
wheel_speeds Rotating speed of the wheel [RPM].
wheel_torques Torque at the wheel [N*m].
willans_factors Willans factors:
wltp_base_model WLTP base model params.
wltp_class WLTP vehicle class.
CO2MPAS physical model’s functions
calculate_clutch_tc_powers_out Calculate gear box power vector [kW].
calculate_final_drive_powers_out Calculate final drive power out [kW].
calculate_gear_box_powers_out Calculate gear box power vector [kW].
CO2MPAS physical model’s dispatchers
after_treat_model Models the after treatment.
clutch_torque_converter_model Models the clutch and torque-converter.
co2_model Models the legislation corrections.
control_model Models the vehicle control strategy.
cycle_model Returns the theoretical times, velocities, and gears.
electric_model Models the vehicle electrics.
engine_model Models the vehicle engine.
final_drive_model Models the final drive.
gear_box_model Models the gear box.
vehicle_model Calculates forces and power acting on the vehicle.
wheels_model It models the wheel dynamics.