dsp = start_stop

Models the engine start/stop strategy.

start_stop’s data
accelerations Acceleration vector [m/s2].
correct_start_stop_with_gears A flag to impose engine on when there is a gear > 0.
engine_speeds_out_hot Engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
gear_box_speeds_in Gear box speed [RPM].
gear_box_type Gear box type (manual or automatic or cvt).
gears Gear vector [-].
has_start_stop Does the vehicle have start/stop system?
hybrid_modes Hybrid mode status (0: EV, 1: Parallel, 2: Serial).
idle_engine_speed Idle engine speed and its standard deviation [RPM].
min_time_engine_on_after_start Minimum time of engine on after a start [s].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
sink Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
start_stop_activation_time Start-stop activation time threshold [s].
start_stop_model Start/stop model.
times Time vector [s].
velocities Velocity vector [km/h].
start_stop’s functions
calculate_engine_speeds_out_hot Calculates the engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
calibrate_start_stop_model Calibrates an start/stop model to predict if the engine is on.
default_correct_start_stop_with_gears Defines a flag that imposes the engine on when there is a gear > 0.
default_hybrid_modes Identify the hybrid mode status (0: EV, 1: Parallel, 2: Serial).
default_start_stop_activation_time Returns the default start stop activation time threshold [s].
predict_on_engine Predicts if the engine is on [-].