dsp = NEDC cycle model

Returns the theoretical times, velocities, and gears of NEDC.

NEDC cycle model’s data
gear_box_type Gear box type (manual or automatic or cvt).
gears Gear vector [-].
initial_temperature Initial temperature of the test cell [°C].
k1 K1 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
k2 K2 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
k5 K5 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
max_gear Maximum gear of the gear box [-].
max_time Maximum time [s].
sink Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
times Time vector [s].
velocities Velocity vector [km/h].
NEDC cycle model’s functions
nedc_gears Returns the gear shifting profile according to NEDC [-].
nedc_velocities Returns the velocity profile according to NEDC and gear box type [km/h].
set_max_gear_as_default_k5 Returns the same arguments.