calculate_class_powers = calculate_class_powers

Calculates forces and power acting on the vehicle.

calculate_class_powers’ data
accelerations Acceleration vector [m/s2].
aerodynamic_resistances Aerodynamic resistance vector [N].
angle_slope Angle slope [rad].
angle_slopes Angle slope vector [rad].
climbing_force Vehicle climbing resistance [N].
distances Cumulative distance vector [m].
f0 Rolling resistance force [N] when angle_slope == 0.
f1 Defined by dyno procedure [N/(km/h)].
f2 As used in the dyno and defined by respective guidelines [N/(km/h)^2].
inertial_factor Factor that considers the rotational inertia [%].
motive_forces Motive forces [N].
motive_powers Motive power [kW].
road_loads Cycle road loads [N, N/(km/h), N/(km/h)^2].
rolling_resistance Rolling resistance force [N].
rotational_inertia_forces Rotational inertia forces [N].
slope_model Angle slope model [rad].
times Time vector [s].
vehicle_mass Vehicle mass [kg].
velocities Velocity vector [km/h].
velocity_resistances Forces function of velocity [N].
calculate_class_powers’ functions
calculate_accelerations Calculates the acceleration from velocity time series [m/s2].
calculate_aerodynamic_resistances Calculates the aerodynamic resistances of the vehicle [N].
calculate_angle_slopes Returns the angle slope vector [rad].
calculate_climbing_force Calculates the vehicle climbing resistance [N].
calculate_distances Calculates the cumulative distance vector [m].
calculate_motive_forces Calculate motive forces [N].
calculate_motive_powers Calculates motive power [kW].
calculate_rolling_resistance Calculates rolling resistance [N].
calculate_rotational_inertia_forces Calculate rotational inertia forces [N].
calculate_velocity_resistances Calculates forces function of velocity [N].
define_slope_model_v1 Returns the angle slope model [rad].
splitting Returns the same arguments.