Functions and dsp model to model the DC/DC Converter.


calculate_dcdc_converter_currents Calculate DC/DC converter current [A].
calculate_dcdc_converter_electric_powers Calculates DC/DC converter electric powers [kW].
calculate_dcdc_converter_electric_powers_demand Calculate DC/DC converter electric power demand [kW].
calculate_dcdc_converter_electric_powers_v1 Calculate DC/DC converter electric power [kW].
calibrate_dcdc_current_model Calibrates an DC/DC current model that predicts DC/DC current [A].
default_dcdc_converter_currents Return zero current if the vehicle is not hybrid [A].
define_dcdc_current_model Defines an DC/DC converter current model that predicts its current [A].
predict_dcdc_converter_currents Predict DC/DC converter current [A].


dsp Models the DC/DC Converter.