dsp = Batteries

Models the vehicle batteries.

Batteries’ data
accelerations Acceleration [m/s2].
alternator_current_model Alternator current model.
alternator_electric_powers Alternator electric power [kW].
cycle_type Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
dcdc_charging_currents Mean charging currents of the DC/DC converter (for negative and positive power)[A].
dcdc_converter_currents DC/DC converter currents [A].
dcdc_converter_efficiency DC/DC converter efficiency [-].
dcdc_converter_electric_powers DC/DC converter electric power [kW].
dcdc_converter_electric_powers_demand DC/DC converter electric power demand [kW].
dcdc_current_model DC/DC converter current model.
drive_battery_capacity Drive battery capacity [Ah].
drive_battery_currents Drive battery current vector [A].
drive_battery_delta_state_of_charge Overall delta state of charge of the drive battery [%].
drive_battery_electric_powers Drive battery electric power [kW].
drive_battery_load Drive electric load [kW].
drive_battery_loads Drive battery load vector [kW].
drive_battery_model Drive battery current model.
drive_battery_n_cells Number of battery cells [-].
drive_battery_n_parallel_cells Number of battery cells in parallel [-].
drive_battery_n_series_cells Number of battery cells in series [-].
drive_battery_nominal_voltage Drive battery nominal voltage [V].
drive_battery_ocv Drive battery open circuit voltage [V].
drive_battery_r0 Drive battery resistance [ohm].
drive_battery_state_of_charges State of charge of the drive battery [%].
drive_battery_technology Drive battery technology type (e.g., NiMH, Li-NCA (Li-Ni-Co-Al), etc.).
drive_battery_voltages Drive battery voltage [V].
electrical_hybridization_degree Electrical hybridization degree (i.e., mild, full, plugin, electric).
engine_powers_out Engine power vector [kW].
engine_starts When the engine starts [-].
has_energy_recuperation Is the vehicle equipped with any brake energy recuperation technology?
initial_drive_battery_state_of_charge Initial state of charge of the drive battery [%].
initial_service_battery_state_of_charge Initial state of charge of the service battery [%].
is_hybrid Is the vehicle hybrid?
motive_powers Motive power [kW].
motor_p0_electric_powers Electric power of motor P0 [kW].
motor_p1_electric_powers Electric power of motor P1 [kW].
motor_p2_electric_powers Electric power of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_electric_powers Electric power of planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p3_front_electric_powers Electric power of motor P3 front [kW].
motor_p3_rear_electric_powers Electric power of motor P3 rear [kW].
motor_p4_front_electric_powers Electric power of motor P4 front [kW].
motor_p4_rear_electric_powers Electric power of motor P4 rear [kW].
motors_electric_powers Cumulative motors electric power [kW].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
service_battery_capacity Service battery capacity [Ah].
service_battery_charging_statuses Service battery charging statuses (0: Discharge, 1: Charging, 2: BERS, 3: Initialization) [-].
service_battery_currents Service battery current vector [A].
service_battery_delta_state_of_charge Overall delta state of charge of the service battery [%].
service_battery_electric_powers Service battery electric power [kW].
service_battery_electric_powers_supply Service battery electric power supply [kW].
service_battery_electric_powers_supply_threshold Service battery not charging power threshold [kW].
service_battery_initialization_time Service battery initialization time delta [s].
service_battery_load Service electric load (engine off and on) [kW].
service_battery_loads Service battery load vector [kW].
service_battery_model Service battery model.
service_battery_nominal_voltage Service battery nominal voltage [V].
service_battery_start_window_width Service battery start window width [s].
service_battery_state_of_charge_balance Service battery state of charge balance [%].
service_battery_state_of_charge_balance_window Service battery state of charge balance [%].
service_battery_state_of_charges State of charge of the service battery [%].
service_battery_status_model A function that predicts the service battery charging status.
starter_electric_powers Starter electric power [kW].
times Time vector [s].
Batteries’ dispatchers
dcdc_converter Models the DC/DC Converter.
drive_battery Models the drive battery (e.g., high voltage).
service_battery Models the service battery (e.g., low voltage).