define_service_battery_model(service_battery_status_model, dcdc_current_model, alternator_current_model, has_energy_recuperation, service_battery_initialization_time, service_battery_load, initial_service_battery_state_of_charge, service_battery_nominal_voltage, service_battery_capacity)[source]

Define a service battery model.

  • service_battery_status_model (BatteryStatusModel) – A function that predicts the service battery charging status.
  • dcdc_current_model (callable) – DC/DC converter current model.
  • alternator_current_model (callable) – Alternator current model.
  • has_energy_recuperation (bool) – Is the vehicle equipped with any brake energy recuperation technology?
  • service_battery_initialization_time (float) – Service battery initialization time delta [s].
  • service_battery_load (float, float) – Service electric load (engine off and on) [kW].
  • initial_service_battery_state_of_charge (float) – Initial state of charge of the service battery [%].
  • service_battery_nominal_voltage (float) – Service battery nominal voltage [V].
  • service_battery_capacity (float) – Service battery capacity [Ah].

Service battery model.

Return type: