Functions and dsp model to model the electric motor in P0 position.


calculate_engine_speeds_out Calculates the engine speed [RPM].
calculate_motor_p0_electric_powers Calculates motor P0 electric power [kW].
calculate_motor_p0_maximum_power Calculate the maximum power of motor P0 [kW].
calculate_motor_p0_maximum_powers Calculate the maximum power vector of motor P0 [kW].
calculate_motor_p0_maximum_torque Calculate the maximum torque of motor P0 [N*m].
calculate_motor_p0_powers Calculates power at motor P0 [kW].
calculate_motor_p0_powers_v1 Calculate motor P0 power from electric power and electric power losses [kW].
calculate_motor_p0_rated_speed Calculate the rated speed of motor P0 [RPM].
calculate_motor_p0_speeds Calculates rotating speed of motor P0 [RPM].
calculate_motor_p0_speeds_v1 Calculates rotating speed of motor P0 [RPM].
calculate_motor_p0_torques Calculates torque at motor P0 [N*m].
default_motor_p0_powers Return zero power if the vehicle has not a motor P0 [kW].
define_motor_p0_maximum_power_function Define the maximum power function of motor P0.
identify_has_motor_p0 Identify if the vehicle has a motor P0 [kW].
identify_motor_p0_maximum_power Identify the maximum power of motor P0 [kW].
identify_motor_p0_maximum_torque Identify the maximum torque of motor P0 [N*m].
identify_motor_p0_speed_ratio Identifies motor P0 speed ratio.


dsp Models the motor P0 (motor on the engine service belt).