dsp = Starter

Models the starter (motor downstream the engine).

Starter’s data
delta_time_engine_starter Time elapsed to turn on the engine with electric starter [s].
engine_moment_inertia Engine moment of inertia [kg*m2].
engine_speeds_out Engine speed [RPM].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
start_demand_function Energy required to start the engine function.
starter_currents Starter currents [A].
starter_efficiency Starter efficiency [-].
starter_electric_powers Starter electric power [kW].
starter_model Starter model.
starter_nominal_voltage Starter nominal voltage [V].
starter_powers Starter power [kW].
times Time vector.
Starter’s functions
calculate_starter_currents Calculates starter currents [A].
calculate_starter_electric_powers Calculates starter electric power [kW].
calculate_starter_powers Calculates starter power [kW].
define_engine_start_demand_function Define the energy required to start the engine function [kJ].
define_starter_model Defines the starter model.