define_co2_emissions_model(engine_speeds_out, engine_powers_out, mean_piston_speeds, brake_mean_effective_pressures, engine_coolant_temperatures, on_engine, cylinder_deactivation_valid_phases, engine_fuel_lower_heating_value, idle_engine_speed, engine_stroke, engine_capacity, idle_fuel_consumption_model, fuel_carbon_content, min_engine_on_speed, tau_function, fmep_model)[source]

Returns CO2 emissions model (see calculate_co2_emissions()).

  • engine_speeds_out (numpy.array) – Engine speed vector [RPM].
  • engine_powers_out (numpy.array) – Engine power vector [kW].
  • mean_piston_speeds (numpy.array) – Mean piston speed vector [m/s].
  • brake_mean_effective_pressures (numpy.array) – Engine brake mean effective pressure vector [bar].
  • engine_coolant_temperatures (numpy.array) – Engine coolant temperature vector [°C].
  • on_engine (numpy.array) – If the engine is on [-].
  • cylinder_deactivation_valid_phases (numpy.array) – Valid activation phases for cylinder deactivation.
  • engine_fuel_lower_heating_value (float) – Fuel lower heating value [kJ/kg].
  • idle_engine_speed ((float, float)) – Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
  • engine_stroke (float) – Engine stroke [mm].
  • engine_capacity (float) – Engine capacity [cm3].
  • idle_fuel_consumption_model (IdleFuelConsumptionModel) – Idle fuel consumption model.
  • fuel_carbon_content (float) – Fuel carbon content [CO2g/g].
  • min_engine_on_speed (float) – Minimum engine speed to consider the engine to be on [RPM].
  • tau_function (callable) – Tau-function of the extended Willans curve.
  • fmep_model (FMEP) – Engine FMEP model.

CO2 emissions model (co2_emissions = models(params)).

Return type: