define_fuel_map(idle_engine_speed, engine_capacity, co2_params_calibrated, fmep_model, engine_fuel_lower_heating_value, engine_stroke, full_load_speeds, full_load_powers)[source]

Define fuel consumption map [RPM, kW, g/s].

  • idle_engine_speed ((float, float)) – Idle engine speed and its standard deviation [RPM].
  • full_load_speeds (numpy.array) – T1 map speed vector [RPM].
  • full_load_powers (numpy.array) – T1 map power vector [kW].
  • co2_params_calibrated (lmfit.Parameters) –

    CO2 emission model parameters (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg).

    The missing parameters are set equal to zero.

  • fmep_model (FMEP) – Engine FMEP model.
  • engine_fuel_lower_heating_value (float) – Fuel lower heating value [kJ/kg].
  • engine_stroke (float) – Engine stroke [mm].
  • engine_capacity (float) – Engine capacity [cm3].

Fuel consumption map [RPM, kW, g/s].

Return type: