define_initial_co2_emission_model_params_guess(co2_params, engine_type, engine_thermostat_temperature, engine_thermostat_temperature_window, engine_n_cylinders=4, is_cycle_hot=False)[source]

Selects initial guess and bounds of co2 emission model params.

  • co2_params (dict) – CO2 emission model params (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg).
  • engine_type (str) – Engine type (positive turbo, positive natural aspiration, compression).
  • engine_thermostat_temperature (float) – Engine normalization temperature [°C].
  • engine_thermostat_temperature_window ((float, float)) – Thermostat engine temperature limits [°C].
  • engine_n_cylinders (int) – Number of engine cylinders [-].
  • is_cycle_hot (bool, optional) – Is an hot cycle?

Initial guess of co2 emission model params and of friction params.

Return type:

lmfit.Parameters, list[float]