identify_co2_emissions(co2_emissions_model, co2_params_initial_guess, times, extended_phases_integration_times, extended_cumulative_co2_emissions, engine_coolant_temperatures, is_cycle_hot, velocities, stop_velocity)[source]

Identifies instantaneous CO2 emission vector [CO2g/s].

  • co2_emissions_model (callable) – CO2 emissions model (co2_emissions = models(params)).
  • co2_params_initial_guess (dict) – Initial guess of co2 emission model params.
  • times (numpy.array) – Time vector [s].
  • extended_phases_integration_times (tuple) – Extended cycle phases integration times [s].
  • extended_cumulative_co2_emissions (numpy.array) – Extended cumulative CO2 of cycle phases [CO2g].
  • engine_coolant_temperatures (numpy.array) – Engine coolant temperature vector [°C].
  • is_cycle_hot (bool) – Is an hot cycle?
  • velocities (numpy.array) – Velocity vector [km/h].
  • stop_velocity (float) – Maximum velocity to consider the vehicle stopped [km/h].

The instantaneous CO2 emission vector [CO2g/s], rescaling scores (i.e., mean, std, and number of perturbations) [-], and the identified initial guess of co2 emission model params.

Return type:

numpy.array, tuple[float], dict