prediction_gears_gsm(correct_gear, gear_filter, gsm, times, velocities, accelerations, motive_powers, cycle_type=None, velocity_speed_ratios=None, engine_coolant_temperatures=None)[source]

Predicts gears with a gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs or mgs) [-].

  • correct_gear (callable) – A function to correct the gear predicted.
  • gear_filter (callable) – Gear filter function.
  • cycle_type (str) – Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
  • velocity_speed_ratios (dict[int | float]) – Constant velocity speed ratios of the gear box [km/(h*RPM)].
  • gsm (GSPV | CMV | DTGS) – A gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs).
  • velocities (numpy.array) – Vehicle velocity [km/h].
  • accelerations (numpy.array) – Vehicle acceleration [m/s2].
  • times (numpy.array, optional) – Time vector [s].
  • motive_powers (numpy.array) – Motive power [kW].
  • engine_coolant_temperatures (numpy.array) – Engine coolant temperature vector [°C].

Predicted gears.

Return type: