calculate_gear_box_efficiencies_torques_temperatures(gear_box_loss_model, times, gear_box_powers_out, gear_box_speeds_in, gear_box_speeds_out, gear_box_torques, engine_thermostat_temperature, gears=None)[source]

Calculates gear box efficiency [-], torque in [N*m], and temperature [°C].

  • gear_box_loss_model (GearBoxLosses) – Gear box loss model.
  • times (numpy.array) – Time vector [s].
  • gear_box_powers_out (numpy.array) – Power at wheels vector [kW].
  • gear_box_speeds_in (numpy.array) – Engine speed vector [RPM].
  • gear_box_speeds_out (numpy.array) – Wheel speed vector [RPM].
  • gear_box_torques (numpy.array) – Torque gear_box vector [N*m].
  • engine_thermostat_temperature (float) – Engine thermostat temperature [°C].
  • gears (numpy.array, optional) – Gear vector [-].

Gear box efficiency [-], torque in [N*m], and temperature [°C] vectors.

Return type:

(numpy.array, numpy.array, numpy.array)


Torque entering the gearbox can be from engine side (power mode or from wheels in motoring mode).