dsp = manual GS model

Models the manual gear shifting.

manual GS model’s data
MGS A gear shifting model (cmv or gspv or dtgs).
MVL Matrix velocity limits (upper and lower bound) [km/h].
accelerations Vehicle acceleration [m/s2].
correct_gear A function to correct the gear predicted.
cycle_type Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
engine_max_power Engine nominal power [kW].
engine_max_speed Maximum allowed engine speed [RPM].
engine_max_speed_95 Maximum engine speed [RPM] at 95% of the nominal power.
engine_speed_at_max_power Rated engine speed [RPM].
full_load_curve Vehicle full load curve.
full_load_speeds T1 map speed vector [RPM].
gears Predicted gears.
idle_engine_speed Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
motive_powers Motive power [kW].
road_loads Cycle road loads [N, N/(km/h), N/(km/h)^2].
sink Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
times Time vector [s].
velocities Vehicle velocity [km/h].
velocity_speed_ratios Constant velocity speed ratios of the gear box [km/(h*RPM)].
manual GS model’s functions
calculate_engine_max_speed_95 Calculates the maximum engine speed [RPM] at 95% of the nominal power.
correct_gear_v4 Returns a function to correct the gear predicted according to correct_gear_mvl(), correct_gear_full_load() and driveability rules.
define_msg_and_mvl Calculates the maximum velocity from full load curve.
prediction_gears_gsm_v1 Predicts gears with a gear shifting model (mgs) [-].