dsp = Gear box thermal sub model

Calculates temperature, efficiency, torque loss of gear box.

Gear box thermal sub model’s data
delta_time Time step [s].
equivalent_gear_box_heat_capacity Equivalent gear box capacity (from cold start model) [W/°C].
gear Gear [-].
gear_box_efficiency Gear box efficiency [-].
gear_box_efficiency_parameters_cold_hot Parameters of gear box efficiency model for cold/hot phases:
gear_box_heat Gear box heat [W].
gear_box_power_out Power at wheels [kW].
gear_box_ratios Gear box ratios [-].
gear_box_speed_in Engine speed [RPM].
gear_box_speed_out Wheel speed [RPM].
gear_box_temperature Gear box temperature [°C].
gear_box_temperature_references Cold and hot reference temperatures [°C].
gear_box_torque Torque gear_box [N*m].
gear_box_torque_in Torque required [N*m].
gear_box_torque_in<0> Torque required [N*m].
min_engine_on_speed Minimum engine speed to consider the engine to be on [RPM].
Gear box thermal sub model’s functions
calculate_gear_box_efficiency Calculates the gear box efficiency [N*m].
calculate_gear_box_heat Calculates the gear box temperature heat [W].
calculate_gear_box_torque Calculates torque entering the gear box [N*m].
calculate_gear_box_torque_in Calculates torque required according to the temperature profile [N*m].
calculate_next_gear_box_temperature Calculates the gear box temperature not finalized [°C].
correct_gear_box_torque_in Corrects the torque when the gear box ratio is equal to 1.