dsp = Wheel model

It models the wheel dynamics.

Wheel model’s data
accelerations Vehicle acceleration [m/s2].
change_gear_window_width Time window used to apply gear change filters [s].
engine_speeds_out Engine speed [RPM].
final_drive_ratios Final drive ratios [-].
gear_box_ratios Gear box ratios [-].
gear_box_speeds_in Gear box speed [RPM].
gears Gear vector [-].
idle_engine_speed Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
plateau_acceleration Maximum acceleration to be at constant velocity [m/s2].
r_dynamic Dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
r_wheels Radius of the wheels [m].
stop_velocity Maximum velocity to consider the vehicle stopped [km/h].
times Time vector [s].
tyre_code Tyre code (e.g.,P225/70R14).
tyre_dimensions Tyre dimensions.
tyre_dynamic_rolling_coefficient Dynamic rolling coefficient [-].
velocities Vehicle velocity [km/h].
velocity_speed_ratios Constant velocity speed ratios of the gear box [km/(h*RPM)].
wheel_powers Power at the wheels [kW].
wheel_speeds Rotating speed of the wheel [RPM].
wheel_torques Torque at the wheel [N*m].
Wheel model’s functions
bypass Returns the same arguments.
calculate_r_dynamic Calculates the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
calculate_r_wheels Calculates the radius of the wheels [m] from the tyre dimensions.
calculate_tyre_dimensions Calculates the tyre dimensions from the tyre code.
calculate_wheel_powers Calculates power at the wheels [kW].
calculate_wheel_speeds Calculates rotating speed of the wheels [RPM].
calculate_wheel_torques Calculates torque at the wheels [N*m].
default_tyre_code Return one of the most popular tyre code according to the r dynamic.
define_tyre_code Returns the tyre code from the tyre dimensions.
identify_r_dynamic Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_r_dynamic_v1 Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_r_dynamic_v2 Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_r_dynamic_v3 Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_r_dynamic_v4 Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_tyre_dynamic_rolling_coefficient Identifies the dynamic rolling coefficient [-].