identify_r_dynamic_v3(times, velocities, accelerations, r_wheels, gear_box_speeds_in, gear_box_ratios, final_drive_ratios, idle_engine_speed, stop_velocity, plateau_acceleration, change_gear_window_width)[source]

Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].

  • times (numpy.array) – Time vector [s].
  • velocities (numpy.array) – Vehicle velocity [km/h].
  • accelerations (numpy.array) – Vehicle acceleration [m/s2].
  • r_wheels (float) – Radius of the wheels [m].
  • gear_box_speeds_in (numpy.array) – Gear box speed [RPM].
  • gear_box_ratios (dict[int, float | int]) – Gear box ratios [-].
  • final_drive_ratios (dict[int, float | int]) – Final drive ratios [-].
  • idle_engine_speed ((float, float)) – Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
  • stop_velocity (float) – Maximum velocity to consider the vehicle stopped [km/h].
  • plateau_acceleration (float) – Maximum acceleration to be at constant velocity [m/s2].
  • change_gear_window_width (float) – Time window used to apply gear change filters [s].

Dynamic radius of the wheels [m].

Return type: