Functions and constants to define the at_model selector.


calculate_error_coefficients Calculates the prediction’s error coefficients.
select_models Select models from data.


dsp Defines an omni-comprehensive gear shifting model for automatic vehicles.
name = 'at_model'

Model name.

models = ['MVL', 'CMV', 'CMV_Cold_Hot', 'DTGS', 'GSPV', 'GSPV_Cold_Hot', 'specific_gear_shifting', 'change_gear_window_width', 'max_velocity_full_load_correction', 'plateau_acceleration']

Parameters that constitute the model.

inputs = ['idle_engine_speed', 'full_load_curve', 'accelerations', 'motive_powers', 'engine_speeds_out', 'engine_coolant_temperatures', 'plateau_acceleration', 'time_cold_hot_transition', 'times', 'stop_velocity', 'cycle_type', 'use_dt_gear_shifting', 'specific_gear_shifting', 'velocity_speed_ratios', 'velocities', 'MVL', 'fuel_saving_at_strategy', 'change_gear_window_width', 'max_velocity_full_load_correction']

Inputs required to run the model.

outputs = ['gears']

Relevant outputs of the model.

targets = ['gears']

Targets to compare the outputs of the model.

weights = {'gears': -1}

Weights coefficients to compute the model score.

metrics = {'gears': <function _accuracy_score>}

Metrics to compare outputs with targets.