Functions and constants to define the clutch_torque_converter_model selector.


metric_clutch_torque_converter_model Metric for the clutch_torque_converter_model.


dsp Prediction model.
name = 'clutch_torque_converter_model'

Model name.

models = ['clutch_window', 'clutch_speed_model', 'torque_converter_speed_model']

Parameters that constitute the model.

inputs = ['gear_box_speeds_in', 'on_engine', 'idle_engine_speed', 'gear_box_type', 'gears', 'accelerations', 'times', 'gear_shifts', 'engine_speeds_out_hot', 'velocities', 'has_torque_converter', 'gear_box_torques_in']

Inputs required to run the model.

outputs = ['engine_speeds_out']

Relevant outputs of the model.

targets = ['engine_speeds_out']

Targets to compare the outputs of the model.

metrics_inputs = ['on_engine']

Extra inputs for the metrics.

metrics = {'engine_speeds_out': <function metric_clutch_torque_converter_model>}

Metrics to compare outputs with targets.

up_limit = {'engine_speeds_out': 100}

Upper score limits to raise the warnings.