Source code for co2mpas.core.load

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2015-2019 European Commission (JRC);
# Licensed under the EUPL (the 'Licence');
# You may not use this work except in compliance with the Licence.
# You may obtain a copy of the Licence at:
Functions and `dsp` model to load data from a CO2MPAS input file.


.. currentmodule:: co2mpas.core.load

.. autosummary::
    :toctree: load/

import io
import logging
import functools
import schedula as sh
from .excel import parse_excel_file
from .validate import dsp as _validate

    from co2mpas_dice import dsp as _dice
except ImportError:
    _dice = None

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

dsp = sh.BlueDispatcher(
    description='Loads from files the inputs for the CO2MPAS model.'

[docs]@sh.add_function(dsp, outputs=['input_file']) def open_input_file(input_file_name): """ Open the input file. :param input_file_name: Input file name. :type input_file_name: str :return: Input file. :rtype: io.BytesIO """ with open(input_file_name, 'rb') as file: return io.BytesIO(
# noinspection PyUnusedLocal
[docs]def check_file_format(input_file_name, *args, ext=('.xlsx',)): """ Check file format extension. :param input_file_name: Input file name. :type input_file_name: str :param ext: Allowed extensions. :type ext: tuple[str] :return: If the extension of the input file is within the allowed extensions. :rtype: bool """ return input_file_name.lower().endswith(ext)
[docs]def load_from_dill(input_file): """ Load inputs from .dill file. :param input_file: Input file. :type input_file: io.BytesIO :return: Raw input data. :rtype: dict """ import dill return dill.load(input_file)
dsp.add_function( function=sh.add_args(load_from_dill), inputs=['input_file_name', 'input_file'], outputs=['raw_data'], input_domain=functools.partial(check_file_format, ext=('.dill',)) ) dsp.add_function( function=parse_excel_file, inputs=['input_file_name', 'input_file'], outputs=['raw_data'], input_domain=check_file_format ) if _dice is not None: _out, _inp = ['base', 'meta', 'dice'], [ 'input_file_name', 'input_file', 'encryption_keys', 'encryption_keys_passwords' ] # noinspection PyProtectedMember dsp.add_function( function=sh.Blueprint(sh.SubDispatchFunction( _dice, function_id='load_ta_file', inputs=_inp[1:], outputs=_out ))._set_cls(sh.add_args), description='Load inputs from .co2mpas.ta file.', inputs=_inp, outputs=['raw_data'], filters=[functools.partial(sh.map_list, [_out])], input_domain=functools.partial(check_file_format, ext=('.co2mpas.ta',)) ) _out, _inp = ['data', 'dice'], ['input_file_name', 'input_file'] # noinspection PyProtectedMember dsp.add_function( function=sh.Blueprint(sh.SubDispatchFunction( _dice, inputs=_inp[1:], outputs=_out ))._set_cls(sh.add_args), function_id='load_co2mpas_file', description='Load inputs from .co2mpas file.', inputs=_inp, outputs=['raw_data'], filters=[functools.partial(sh.map_list, [{}, 'dice'])], input_domain=functools.partial(check_file_format, ext=('.co2mpas',)) ) else: dsp.add_data( 'encryption_keys_passwords', description='Encryption keys passwords.' )
[docs]@sh.add_function(dsp, inputs_kwargs=True, outputs=['data']) def merge_data( raw_data, cmd_flags=None, hard_validation=False, declaration_mode=False, type_approval_mode=False, encryption_keys=None, sign_key=None, enable_selector=False): """ Merge raw data with model flags. :param raw_data: Raw input data. :type raw_data: dict :param cmd_flags: Command line options. :type cmd_flags: dict :param hard_validation: Add extra data validations. :type hard_validation: bool :param declaration_mode: Use only the declaration data. :type declaration_mode: bool :param type_approval_mode: Is launched for TA? :type type_approval_mode: bool :param encryption_keys: Encryption keys for TA mode. :type encryption_keys: str :param sign_key: User signature key for TA mode. :type sign_key: str :param enable_selector: Enable the selection of the best model to predict both H/L cycles. :type enable_selector: bool :return: Merged raw data. :rtype: dict """ flag = {k: v for k, v in dict( hard_validation=hard_validation, declaration_mode=declaration_mode, type_approval_mode=type_approval_mode, encryption_keys=encryption_keys, sign_key=sign_key, enable_selector=enable_selector ).items() if v is not None} data = sh.combine_dicts(raw_data, flag) data['flag'] = sh.combine_dicts(data.get('flag', {}), cmd_flags or {}, flag) return data
[docs]def check_validation(sol): """ Check if the data are verified. :param sol: Validation solution. :type sol: schedula.Solution :return: Validated data :rtype: list[dict] """ sol = sol.get('verified') and sol or {} keys = 'plan', 'flag', 'dice', 'meta', 'base' return [sol.get('validated_%s' % k, sh.NONE) for k in keys]
dsp.add_function( function=sh.SubDispatch(_validate), inputs=['data'], outputs=['plan', 'flag', 'dice', 'meta', 'base'], filters=[check_validation] )