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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2015-2019 European Commission (JRC);
# Licensed under the EUPL (the 'Licence');
# You may not use this work except in compliance with the Licence.
# You may obtain a copy of the Licence at:
Functions to compare/select the calibrated models.


.. currentmodule:: co2mpas.core.model.selector.models

.. autosummary::
    :toctree: models/

import logging
import functools
import collections
import numpy as np
import schedula as sh

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
calibration_cycles = ('wltp_h', 'wltp_l')
prediction_cycles = ('nedc_h', 'nedc_l', 'wltp_h', 'wltp_l')

_select_data = functools.partial(sh.selector, allow_miss=True)
_map_list = functools.partial(sh.map_list, ['calibrated_models', 'data'])

[docs]def select_predictions(outputs, targets, results): """ Select the prediction results. :param outputs: Output keys. :type outputs: list | tuple :param targets: Targets keys. :type targets: list | tuple :param results: Calibration results. :type results: dict :return: Prediction results. :rtype: dict """ results = sh.selector(outputs, results, allow_miss=True) return sh.map_dict(dict(zip(outputs, targets)), results)
[docs]def calculate_errors(references, predictions, metrics, metrics_kwargs): """ Calculate error coefficients. :param references: Reference results. :type references: dict :param predictions: Prediction results. :type predictions: dict :param metrics: Metric functions. :type metrics: dict[str, function] :param metrics_kwargs: Kwargs to pass to metric functions. :type metrics_kwargs: dict :return: Error coefficients. :rtype: dict """ it = set(predictions).intersection(references).intersection(metrics) try: return { k: metrics[k](references[k], predictions[k], **metrics_kwargs) for k in it } except TypeError: return {}
def _check_limit(limit, errors, check=lambda e, l: e <= l): it = set(limit).intersection(errors) return {k: check(errors[k], limit[k]) for k in it}
[docs]def calculate_calibration_status(errors, up_limit=None, dn_limit=None): """ Calculate calibration statuses. :param errors: Error coefficients. :type errors: dict :param up_limit: Upper limits. :type up_limit: dict :param dn_limit: Lower limits. :type dn_limit: dict :return: Calibration statuses. :rtype: dict """ status = {} limit = _check_limit(up_limit or {}, errors, check=lambda e, l: e <= l) if limit: status['up_limit'] = limit limit = _check_limit(dn_limit or {}, errors, check=lambda e, l: e >= l) if limit: status['up_limit'] = limit return status
def _mdl_error(mdl): dsp = sh.BlueDispatcher(, description='Calculates the error of calibrated model of a reference.', ) dsp.add_data('inputs_map', getattr(mdl, 'inputs_map', {})) dsp.add_function( function_id='select_inputs', function=sh.map_dict, inputs=['inputs_map', 'data'], outputs=['inputs<0>'] ) dsp.add_data('inputs', getattr(mdl, 'inputs', [])) dsp.add_function( function_id='select_inputs', function=_select_data, inputs=['inputs', 'inputs<0>'], outputs=['inputs<1>'] ) dsp.add_function( function=sh.combine_dicts, inputs=['calibrated_models', 'inputs<1>'], outputs=['prediction_inputs'] ) dsp.add_data('targets', getattr(mdl, 'targets', [])) dsp.add_function( function_id='select_targets', function=_select_data, inputs=['targets', 'data'], outputs=['references'] ) dsp.add_function( function=sh.SubDispatch(mdl.dsp), inputs=['prediction_inputs', 'calibrated_models'], outputs=['results'] ) dsp.add_data('outputs', getattr(mdl, 'outputs', [])) dsp.add_func(select_predictions, outputs=['predictions']) dsp.add_data('metrics_inputs', getattr(mdl, 'metrics_inputs', {})) dsp.add_function( function_id='select_metrics_inputs', function=_select_data, inputs=['metrics_inputs', 'data'], outputs=['metrics_kwargs'] ) dsp.add_data('metrics', getattr(mdl, 'metrics', {})) dsp.add_func(calculate_errors, outputs=['errors']) dsp.add_data('up_limit', getattr(mdl, 'up_limit', None)) dsp.add_data('dn_limit', getattr(mdl, 'dn_limit', None)) dsp.add_func( calculate_calibration_status, inputs_kwargs=True, outputs=['status'] ) return dsp def _mdl_errors(mdl, data_id, err_func): name = '%s-%s errors' % (, data_id) dsp = sh.BlueDispatcher( name=name, description='Calculates the error of calibrated model.' ) dsp.add_data('models', mdl.models) dsp.add_function( function_id='select_models', function=getattr(mdl, 'select_models', _select_data), inputs=['models', data_id], outputs=['calibrated_models'] ) dsp.add_data('data_in', data_id) for o in calibration_cycles: dsp.add_function( function=_map_list, inputs=['calibrated_models', o], outputs=['input/%s' % o] ) dsp.add_function( function=err_func, inputs=['input/%s' % o], outputs=['error/%s' % o] ) return dsp, name def _mean(values, weights=None): if isinstance(weights, collections.Iterable): values = [v * w for v, w in zip(values, weights) if w] v = np.asarray(values) return np.average(v) def _key_score(x): s = 1 if np.isnan(x['score']) else -int(x['success']) return s, -x['n'], x['score'] def _key_scores(x): return tuple(y[:2] for y in x) def _sorting_func(x): return _key_score(x[0]) + _key_scores(x[1]) + (x[3],)
[docs]def sort_models(*data, weights=None): """ Sort models by scores. :param weights: Weights coefficients. :type weights: dict :return: Models rank. :rtype: list """ weights = weights or {} rank = [] for d in data: errors = {k[6:]: v for k, v in d.items() if k.startswith('error/')} scores = [] def _sort(x): return x[0], x[1], tuple(x[2].values()), x[3] for k, v in errors.items(): if v[0]: l = [list(m.values()) for l, m in sorted(v[1].items()) if m] l = _mean(l) if l else 1 keys, m = zip(*v[0].items()) e = l, _mean(m, weights=[weights.get(i, 1) for i in keys]) scores.append((e, l, v[0], k, v[1])) scores = sorted(scores, key=_sort) if scores: score = tuple(np.mean([e[0] for e in scores], axis=0)) models = d['calibrated_models'] if models: score = { 'success': score[0] == 1, 'n': len(models), 'score': score[1] } rank.append([score, scores, errors, d['data_in'], models]) return sorted(rank, key=_sorting_func)
def _check_success(score): try: return score['success'] except IndexError: return True
[docs]def format_score(rank): """ Format score output. :param rank: Models rank. :type rank: list :return: Score output. :rtype: dict """ res = {} for score, scores, errors, name, models in rank: res[name] = d = {'models': sorted(models.keys())} if scores: d.update({ 'score': score, 'errors': {k: v[0] for k, v in errors.items()}, 'limits': {k: v[1] for k, v in errors.items()} }) return res
[docs]def select_best_model(rank, enable_selector, selector_id=''): """ Select the best model. :param rank: Models rank. :type rank: list :param enable_selector: Enable the selection of the best model to predict both H/L cycles. :type enable_selector: bool :param selector_id: Selector id. :type selector_id: str :return: Best model. :rtype: dict """ models, _map = {}, {} if not enable_selector: _map = {'wltp_h': ('nedc_h', 'wltp_h'), 'wltp_l': ('nedc_l', 'wltp_l')} for i, (score, scores, err, name, mdl) in enumerate(rank): k = ((sh.NONE,) if enable_selector and i == 0 else ()) k += _map.get(name, ()) if not k: continue success = _check_success(score) models.update(dict.fromkeys(k, (name, success, mdl))) if not success: '\n %s: Models (%s) to predict %s failed the calibration.', '%s warning' % selector_id.replace('_', ' ').capitalize(), ','.join(sorted(set(mdl))), ','.join(k) ) return models
[docs]def mdl_selector(name, package=None): """ Defines a model selector for a specific model. :param name: Model name. :type name: str :param package: Package name. :type package: str :return: Model selector. :rtype: """ import importlib mdl = importlib.import_module(name, package) dsp = sh.BlueDispatcher( name='%s selector' %, description='Select the calibrated %s.' % ) err_func = sh.SubDispatch( _mdl_error(mdl), outputs=['errors', 'status'], output_type='list' ) for data_id in calibration_cycles: mdl_err, mdl_err_name = _mdl_errors(mdl, data_id, err_func) dsp.add_func( sh.SubDispatchFunction( mdl_err, function_id=mdl_err_name, inputs=[data_id] + [ k for k in calibration_cycles if k != data_id ] ), outputs=['error/%s' % data_id] ) # noinspection PyTypeChecker dsp.add_function( function=functools.partial( sort_models, weights=getattr(mdl, 'weights', None) ), inputs=list(map('error/{}'.format, calibration_cycles)), outputs=['rank'] ) dsp.add_func(format_score, outputs=['score']) dsp.add_func(functools.partial( select_best_model, selector_id='%s selector' % ), outputs=['model']) return dsp