Two installation procedures can be followed:

Official (for type approval)

To install CO2MPAS you have to download the installer and then execute it (see the steps shown in the video below).

After the installation, two icons will appear on your desktop: one for the GUI and one for the console.

co2mpas desktop icons

IT Requirements

To run CO2MPAS for Type Approval purposes (i.e CO2MPAS official) some minimum IT requirements are mandatory:

  • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (x86_64, aka x64, aka AMD64),
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, or later,
  • 4 GB RAM (more recommended),
  • 4 GB hard disk storage for installing the software,
  • Execution-rights to the installation folder (but no Admin-rights),
  • (optional) Excel, to view & edit simulation’s input and output files,
  • Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge or IExplore 10+.

Ordinary (for developers and/or researchers)

To install CO2MPAS use (with root privileges):

$ pip install co2mpas

Or download the latest git version and use (with root privileges):

$ python install

Install extras

Some additional functionality is enabled installing the following extras:

  • cli: enables the command line interface.
  • sync: enables the time series synchronization tool (i.e., syncing previously named datasync).
  • gui: enables the graphical user interface.
  • plot: enables to plot the CO2MPAS model and the workflow of each run.
  • io: enables to read/write excel files.
  • dice: enables the Type Approval mode.
  • driver: enables the driver model (currently is not available).

To install co2mpas and all extras, do:

$ pip install co2mpas[all]