Quick Start

The following steps are basic commands to get familiar with CO2MPAS procedural workflow using the command line interface:


To run CO2MPAS with some sample data, you have to:

  1. Generate some demo files inside the ./input folder, to get familiar with the input data (for more info check the link):

    ## Generate the demo files and open a demo file.
    $ co2mpas demo ./input
    $ start ./input/co2mpas_conventional.xlsx
  2. Run CO2MPAS and inspect the results in the ./output folder. The workflow is plotted on the browser (for more info check the link):

    ## Run co2mpas and open the output folder.
    $ co2mpas run ./input/co2mpas_conventional.xlsx -O ./output -PL
    $ start ./output
Output workflow

Input file

To create an input file with your data, you have to:

  1. Generate an empty input template file (i.e., vehicle.xlsx) inside the ./input folder:

    ## Generate template file.
    $ co2mpas template ./input/vehicle.xlsx -TT input
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the excel file to fill the required inputs:

    ## Open the input template.
    $ start ./input/vehicle.xlsx
Input template

Data synchronization

To synchronize the dyno and OBD data with the theoretical cycle, you have to:

  1. Generate a synchronization template file wltp.xlsx:

    ## Generate template file.
    $ co2mpas syncing template ./to_sync/wltp.xlsx -CT wltp -WC class3b -GB automatic


    With the command above, the file contains the theoretical WLTP velocity profile for an automatic vehicle of class3b. For more info type co2mpas syncing template -h or click the link

  2. Fill the dyno and obd sheets with the relative data collected in the laboratory:

    ## Open the input template.
    $ start ./to_sync/wltp.xlsx
  3. Synchronize the data with the theoretical velocity profile:

    $ co2mpas syncing sync ./to_sync/wltp.xlsx ./sync/wltp.sync.xlsx
  4. Copy/Paste the synchronized data (wltp.sync.xlsx) contained in the synced sheet into the relative sheet of the input template:

    ## Open the synchronized data.
    $ start ./sync/wltp.sync.xlsx