dsp = core

Processes a CO2MPAS input file.

core’s data
base Base data.
cmd_flags Command line options.
declaration_mode Use only the declaration data.
dice DICE data.
enable_selector Enable the selection of the best model to predict both H/L cycles.
encryption_keys Encryption keys for TA mode.
encryption_keys_passwords Encryption keys passwords.
flag Command line flags.
hard_validation Add extra data validations.
input_file Input file.
input_file_name File path.
meta Meta data.
only_summary Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
output_data CO2MPAS outputs.
output_file Output file.
output_file_name Output file name.
output_folder Output folder.
output_template Template output.
raw_data Raw input data.
report Vehicle output report.
sign_key User signature key for TA mode.
sink Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
solution CO2MPAS model solution.
start_time Run start time.
summary Summary report.
timestamp Run timestamp.
type_approval_mode Is launched for TA?
vehicle_name Vehicle name.
core’s functions
default_vehicle_name Returns the vehicle name.
parse_cmd_flags Parses the command line options.
parse_solution Parse the CO2MPAS model solution.
core’s dispatchers
CO2MPAS model Calibrates the models with WLTP data and predicts NEDC cycle.
load_inputs Loads from files the inputs for the CO2MPAS model.
make_report Produces a vehicle report from CO2MPAS outputs.
write Write the outputs of the CO2MPAS model.